Done well, wealth management is a smart blend of knowledge about investing and about investors. At Aintree Asset Management, we begin our work by learning about each client’s investment experience, approach to risk as well as personal and investment goals.  Once we establish a comprehensive understanding of these elements, Aintree Asset Management investment professionals begin the process of collaborating with one another and with the client to craft a tailor-made plan to achieve the investment goals needed to realize the personal goals. This is a thoughtful process distilled from many years experience, supported by scholarly research.

Asset Class and Strategy Selection

With a clear understanding of a client’s “comfort zone” on the risk/reward frontier, we can identify a universe of appropriate types of assets and investment strategies.

Identification of Managers

Once we know the appropriate universe of assets and strategies, we then identify managers – both in-house and external – to achieve the investment goals of our clients.

Manager Due Diligence

Our Firm has a multi-decade relationship with Pershing, LLC, a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon, as well as Lockwood Advisors, a firm that tracks more than 150 managers and 500 strategies. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, independent research, and in-person meetings, Aintree gains perspective on managers whose track records provide evidence of delivering alpha, or excess returns relative to investment risk taken.

Portfolio Construction

Achieving desired investment performance requires assembling a complementary mix of assets and managers. We are especially sensitive to the correlation of assets and the effect of various economic and geo-political events on their returns.

Performance Reporting

Aintree Asset Management encourages clients to have a sound understanding of all their assets, how they are expected to work together as a successful portfolio and how their portfolios are designed to help them achieve their goals. This level of knowledge ensures that both clients and advisors assume the appropriate level of risk and possess the confidence needed to stay the course when the investment climate is challenging.

Ongoing Monitoring

The initial consultation with the client and resulting allocation of a client’s assets is just the start of Aintree Asset Management’s investment process. We know from having invested in many market cycles and assets classes since the 1970s that the dynamics of the marketplace change, as does the fitness of managers and the needs of clients. To that end, Aintree Asset Management maintains a watchful eye on our clients’ portfolios and makes tactical adjustments as appropriate.