Wiley Legacy

Wiley Bros. was founded in 1945 by David W. Wiley, Sr. and James K. Wiley to conduct a general securities business.  David W. Wiley, Sr. had been in the securities business in Nashville since the 1920s. (Pictured above right to left David Wiley Jr., with the firm for 62 years, Haden Wiley, with the firm for 10 years, David Wiley III, with the firm for 35 years.) The Aintree Capital division was added in 1994 to provide investors more individualized service.

David Wiley, III and David Patterson have continued the founders’ tradition, leveraging the firm’s diversity to offer integrated service to investors and niche investment opportunities to institutions and high net worth individuals. The flexibility we offer to our advisors, in choosing their business focus, passes through to our clients, who in turn have access to a broad offering of investment vehicles and strategies.  As a small firm, we are able to know our clients well and to partner with them to achieve their investment goals.  Through our affiliation with Pershing, LLC, a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon, we are a unique and capable alternative for institutional clients.