We do well by treating others well.

Aintree Asset Management is a family-owned and operated business that brings family values to the workplace each and every day. Among these values is respect for our clients and colleagues and valuing the client’s definition of success above our own.

We hold ourselves accountable.

Aintree Asset Management understands that attaining excellence, in all facets of our business, demands that we hold ourselves accountable to our clients and to one another. Accountability requires an intentional, ongoing effort to assess the effectiveness of our services.

We excel by working together. 

Aintree Asset Management has found that a team approach, which emphasizes the good of the whole, over the good of any one individual, is most effective in ensuring a comprehensive, family-office style of service. As in a family office, we pay attention to how investment decisions and tax considerations in one aspect of a client’s portfolio may impact other aspects of the portfolio.

We build upon the highest ethical standards. 

Aintree Asset Management demands that all employees adhere to ethical standards in all aspects of business.  Our operational controls and custodial platform are industry-leading and focus on ensuring the safety of our clients’ assets.

Core Values